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Hoosier tire short track national results 5/04/2018 Fairfield, Iowa

Round 1


Open Pro Hoosier short track

1st Deon Hayden

2nd Ben Suter

3rd Ryan Kaufman

4th Michael Suter

5th Tyler Schrimpf

6th Damien Vandenburg


Am Quad

1st Josh Beukema

2nd Mitchel Williams

3rd Nick Nett

4th Brad Schroeder

5th Jayci Inman

6th Harley Cook

7th T White

8th  Ronnie Rysdam

9th Jason Haynes

10th R Haynes

11th J Ryder


Youth Motorcycle

1st B Christy

2nd M Heisel


Pro Am Quad

1st Ryan Kaufman

2nd Damien Vandenburg


Amature Motorcycle

1st T Krumboltz

2nd H Mclain

3rd C Stacy

4th B Christy


Trike Pro Am

1st James Brown

2nd Glen Iles (dns)


Pro AM Motorcycle

1st E Voitel

2nd J Garrison

3rd Ryan Kaufman (dns)


Jr Quad 4-8 years old

1st Ryan Kinser


2 Stroke 400

1st B Schroeder

2nd J Heisel





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Lucas Oil MWEDT Hoosier tire Short Track National Round 2


Hoosier Open Pro- Deon Hayden

Amature Quads- Mike Suter

Youth 200-400 Quads- Brad Schroeder

Trike ProAm- Eric Moore

ProAm Quad- Ryan Kaufman

Youth Jr Quad- Tysen Royer

Youth Sr Quad- Ashton Gilbert

2Stroke/400- Brad Schroeder


Lucas Oil MWEDT Hoosier Tire Short Track National Round 1


Hoosier Open Pro- Deon Hayden

ProAm- Ryan Kaufman

Amature- Mike Suter

Amature M/C- Justin Garrison

Youth Jr Quad (4-8yrs)- Carson Davis

Youth Sr Quad (9-14yrs)- Ethan Chambers

Trike ProAm Outlaw- Eric Moore

Youth M/C- Taian Haynes

ProAm M/C- Andy Kerr

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