Lucas Oil MWEDT Hoosier tire Short Track National Round 2


Hoosier Open Pro- Deon Hayden

Amature Quads- Mike Suter

Youth 200-400 Quads- Brad Schroeder

Trike ProAm- Eric Moore

ProAm Quad- Ryan Kaufman

Youth Jr Quad- Tysen Royer

Youth Sr Quad- Ashton Gilbert

2Stroke/400- Brad Schroeder


Lucas Oil MWEDT Hoosier Tire Short Track National Round 1


Hoosier Open Pro- Deon Hayden

ProAm- Ryan Kaufman

Amature- Mike Suter

Amature M/C- Justin Garrison

Youth Jr Quad (4-8yrs)- Carson Davis

Youth Sr Quad (9-14yrs)- Ethan Chambers

Trike ProAm Outlaw- Eric Moore

Youth M/C- Taian Haynes

ProAm M/C- Andy Kerr

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