2021 EAST Vs. WEST 

United States Champions


Yard Stock - Otto Werle

50cc - Oscar Sherman

Pro-Lite - Jase White

90cc Stock - Duncan Hill

90cc CVT - Layne Buchanan

Pro Open - CJ Robson

Women - Samantha LaRae

90cc Shifter - Treven White

50-70cc - Layne Buchanan

2-Stroke/400 - Ryan Kisner

14-24yrs - Mason Slendy

45 Plus - Alvin Marcum

SuperMini -  Treven White

Pro-Am - Mark Lee

Open C - Jordan Krusemann

Youth 200-400 - Ryan Kisner

25 Plus - Tevis Whitt

Open A - Daegan Crouch

Open B - Kevin Deryke

Trike - James Brown

35 Plus - Alvin Marcum

Pro - Garret Keister

Knobby - Matt Weber



The first East vs West, United States National Championship race was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2019.  This double header race consist of elite racers, include both professional and amateur classes, from the East and West side of the country.  Racers come together to win the title for the United States National Champion and honored a title belt.  The title belt is to be defended/forfit each year.  




Sept. 12th & 13th 2020



Indianapolis, Indiana

2019 East vs West

United States National Champions

Pro: Garret Keister

Pro-Am: Ryan Parra

Pro-Lite: Trevor Gross

50-90 Limited Stock: Ryan Kisner

90 CVT: Ryan Kisner

SuperMini: Fisher Wilson

50-70cc: Carter Daggett

2-Stroke/400: Parker Montgomery

14-24: Drew Roberts

Plus 25: Mike Suter

Open C: Jimmy Ubanks

Open B: Dominic Govero

Knobby: Jamie Gilbert

Open A: Jeremiah Worley

Pro Trike: Glen Iles

Plus 35: Josh Hawkins

Women: Hailey Yates

Youth 200-400: Daegan Crouch



United States Title Belt Sponsors:


Worley Motorsports

Keister Racing

C&C Racing

Iles Racing

RY Motorsportws

Montgomery Racing

Yates Racing

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